K.G. Structures, Inc.

K.G. structures, Inc. is a structural engineering company specializing in the structural inspections of the residential and commercial buildings with 40 years of experience. Our licensed structural engineer visits the building and evaluates the structural condition of the concerned area(s), discusses the cause of the problem, and the repair recommendation to structurally correct the problem. A written report will be issued the following day signed by the licensed structural engineer registered in the State of Ohio.

We offer Structural Certifications for buildings to satisfy FHA, VA and conventional loans.

We offer Foundation Certifications per HUD Permanent Foundations Guideline for Manufactured Housing, dated September of 1996.

We support our clients through litigations and in courts as Expert Witness.

The most common structural problems are the foundations, basement walls, uneven floors, main beams, columns, roof structures, garages, decks, concrete deterioration, water damage, termite and powder-post-beetle damage, existing wall braces, tie-downs, etc.

We cover all counties in the Greater Northeast Ohio.

Office: (330) 666-7532

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